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Village of Lincolnshire - Police Department

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Click here to submit a Compliment to your local Agency
Click here to submit a Complaint to your local Agency

The Lincolnshire Police Department is committed to providing the best service and continually strives to enhance the trust, safety, and quality of life for all. We serve with empathy and compassion while treating all with dignity and respect. The Lincolnshire Police Department takes all feedback seriously regarding -the service provided and the conduct demonstrated by its department members. There are times our employees, policies, and procedures are exceptional, but there are also times when our actions require further examination and explanation. In either situation, the police department welcomes your feedback both positive and negative. If you wish to provide feedback by phone, please call 847-913-2350.  All compliments and complaints will be forwarded directly to the Chief of Police. In the event your complaint is involving or against the Chief of Police, please contact the Village Manager's office at 847-883-8600.

If this is an emergency, please call 911