Over Night Parking

Provide us the details of your vehicle and the location it will be parked over night. We will add your request to our database to ensure a ticket is not given.

Vacation Watch
Provide us the details of your property and the date ranges you will be gone. Once added to our database, your property will be added to our list of vacation watches for officers to check on (time-permitting).

Overnight parking is allowed for two nights PER VEHICLE. Requests for extended parking must be made by calling 815-838-2132 from 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday. Overnight parking is not allowed when snowfall reaches greater than 2 inches or while active snowplowing is taking place if snowfall is less than 2 inches. The Lockport Police Department offers Vacation Watches as a courtesy to our residents. Our officers will make every effort to physically inspect your house at least once per shift, but these checks are dependent on officer availability and on the volume of calls for service. Vacation Watches have a maximum duration of 30 days. Any requests submitted for more that 30 days will be removed once 30 days have passed.

If this is an emergency, please call 911