Vacation Watch
Provide us the details of your property and the date ranges you will be gone. Once added to our database, your property will be added to our list of vacation watches for officers to check on (time-permitting).
Citizen Reporting
Provide us with details of incidents that do not require an immediate police response. We will review the details and act accordingly.
If you are a local business or residence, enter your contact information here for our records. In the event of an emergency, we will have quick access to your key holders.

Welcome to the North Aurora on-line reporting portal.  For the convenience of our residents and visitors, the North Aurora Police Department is proud to offer the above reporting options.

Before proceeding please review the following disclaimers as they pertain to each of the on-line reporting portals:

Vacation Watch

The North Aurora Police Department will attempt to check your residence periodically.  Neither the Village of North Aurora, the North Aurora Police Department or its agents assume any liability in the event of theft, loss or damage to the personal or real property in or around your residence.  By submitting the Vacation Watch request it is understood and agreed that the Village of North Aurora, the North Aurora Police Department nor its agents assume any liability.  The resident, requester acting on behalf of the resident, by accepting the "Vacation Watch" request, and by execution of this request understands and agrees to the provision of the release.

Vacation Watch requests that extend beyond two (2) weeks may only be checked once a week unless there are special circumstances and a request is approved by a Police Administrator.  Please direct all requests to

Key Holder

The North Aurora Police Department is pleased to offer the Key Holder Portal which allows residents and businesses to share contact information securely with the department in the event of damage or break-in to property.  Please fill out the form completely.  A yearly update will be emailed to you to ensure information is up to date and accurate.

By submitting the Key Holder form the requester understands that the information will be used by the North Aurora Police Department or its agents to contact the designated contacts in the event of criminal activity to the listed property requiring immediate owner or designated key holder response.  Examples can include, damage to the property and or break-ins where the property cannot be re-secured by responding officers.

Citizen Reporting

North Aurora residents, business owners, and visitors can now report criminal activity, extra patrol requests, and traffic enforcement requests that occur within the jurisdiction of the North Aurora Police Department using this feature.  If you would like a copy of the report for insurance or other purposes, you can obtain a copy by completing a Freedon of Information Act request form.  Additional information on F.O.I.A requests can be found on the Village of North Aurora website (  You must disclose your identity when submitting a report (if you would like to anonymously report criminal activity, please call our tip line and leave a message at 630-897-8705, option #2).  Please fill out the form completely and accurately.  You may be contacted by an officer regardi

If this is an emergency, please call 911