Over Night Parking

Provide us the details of your vehicle and the location it will be parked over night. We will add your request to our database to ensure a ticket is not given.

Vacation Watch
Provide us the details of your property and the date ranges you will be gone. Once added to our database, your property will be added to our list of vacation watches for officers to check on (time-permitting).
Condition Report
Need to Report something unusual? Street lights out or any other potential safety issues. Provide us the details so we can take the necessary actions.
Citizen Reporting
Provide us with details of incidents that do not require an immediate police response. We will review the details and act accordingly.

Before submitting this form, please read the following statement. The Pingree Grove Police Department will attempt to check your residence periodically. Neither the Village of Pingree Grove, nor the Pingree Grove Police Department assume any liability in the event of theft, loss or damage to personal or real property in or around your residence. By submitting this form it is understood and agreed that neither the Village of Pingree Grove, nor the Pingree Grove Police Department assumes any liability with the “Residential Vacation Check.” The resident, by accepting the “Residential Vacation Check Request,” and by execution of this request understands and agrees to the provision of the release. House watch requests that extend beyond two (2) weeks will only be checked once a week unless there are special circumstances and the request is approved by a Police Administrator. Please direct these requests to info@pingreepolice.org. As a reminder for overnight parking: You must register any vehicles that will be parked on the street during the prohibited parking times from 2am – 5am. You are limited to five (5) parking requests per calendar month. Overnight parking is prohibited when there is two (2) inchs or more of snowfall on the roadways. It is always illegal to park over the sidewalk any time of the day or night. Address direction can only be used on streets officially designated with a direction. Any false addresses or license plate information entered into the Frontline PSS portal will be deemed invalid/VOID and the vehicle entered will be subject to parking citations. 

If this is an emergency, please call 911