Over Night Parking

Provide us the details of your vehicle and the location it will be parked over night. We will add your request to our database to ensure a ticket is not given.

Overnight Parking is prohibited from 2:00AM-6:00AM. Overnight parking passes are limited to 3 days total per month. Reminder: The vehicle information, including a correct license plate, must be entered for permission to be vaild.

Snow Emergencies: There is no parking on any street or roadway for 8 hours after a 2 inch snowfall, or until the snow has been removed provided the snowfall has ended.

**Please enter the "Actual Calendar Date" you wish to park on the street.

For example, If today is June 1st, and you want to park on the street overnight. You will select the "Actual Calendar Date" of June 2nd.

If this is an emergency, please call 911