Over Night Parking

Provide us the details of your vehicle and the location it will be parked over night. We will add your request to our database to ensure a ticket is not given.

Vacation Watch
Provide us the details of your property and the date ranges you will be gone. Once added to our database, your property will be added to our list of vacation watches for officers to check on (time-permitting).

***OVERNIGHT PARKING*** Parking is prohibited on any Village street or public roadway between sunset of any day and sunrise of the following day except for automobiles and other self-propelled vehicles of bona fide guests of a property owner located within two hundred feet (200’) of said parked automobile or other self-propelled vehicle. Overnight parking permission requests must be submitted prior to 2 A.M. of the day requested to avoid a citation. All vehicles receiving permission MUST otherwise be parked legally. Parking is also prohibited within 12 hours after a snowfall of three (3) inches or more has occurred.

If this is an emergency, please call 911