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About Frontline Public Safety Solutions

FRONTLINE Public Safety Solutions is a “Communication Revolution”. At FRONTLINE, we focus on the simplicity and customization of our “Tool Kit” to help police departments, citizens and community organizers stay in tune with each other.

Our goal is to simplify the means of collecting and disseminating information in a secure online environment. Technology is ever changing and it is hard for individual communities to keep up with the pace. Today, some information is still being collected by paper and pen or at best added into an excel file stored on someone’s desktop. FRONTLINE Public Safety Solutions will change the way data management works within a police department and community. Our Mobile Tool-Kit software is a series of secure online databases that is state-of-the-art and allows information to be entered and accessed from a secured environment on the web. Information can be taken by desk officers, clerks and other personal and be available to patrol officers in real time.  There is a public portal where citizens can request an overnight parking pass as well as get reports when requesting vacation watches and report hazardous conditions within the community.

FRONTLINE’s objective is to make our first responders job a little easier. Our simple point and click technology allows officers the ability to access the data from their laptops while on patrol. We know every day of a first responder is a challenging day and we believe our product is a great tool to help keep them safe. The Tool-Kit also allows management to access, view, print and present reports within the individual modules of the tool-kit.  Allowing for more up to date accurate data with simple search functions.

When developing FRONTLINE Public Safety Solutions, we consulted with as many branches of police departments and community service organizations that we possibly could to make sure that we came up with a “Tool Kit” that met every pain point possible. Police chiefs, desk sergeants, patrol officers, dispatchers, village hall officials and personnel all had input to making FRONTLINE the most viable communications tool available.