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Manage Your Officer Training with Ease!


Tired of file folders and manual spreadsheets?

Finally, a simple one click solution to help track your officers, training courses,
mandate requirements, expenses, scheduling and quick reports.
Get the details you need in seconds!


what we offer

Manage Users

Create and View Roster Line-up All in One Place

   • Easy to Add/Edit/Delete users to the system
   • Enter individual employee and personal information for quick data storage
   • Stored contact information to be used for inviting officers to training course events
   • Add miles from department to be used for mileage expense calculations
   • View Roster data in single-line listing format
   • Search by keywords

Administrators can easily create, manage, and review roster detail with a click of a button!

what we offer

Officer Dashboard

Review Each Officer’s Training History and Status

   • Dashboard view an officer’s Details and overall Training Course Events with the status of each event
   • Single-line listing of Officers Events including Event Name, Location, Start Date, End Date, and Status
   • View all the details of an individual Officer including: Training Events attended, Mandates covered, Expenses occurred, Surveys taken, and Certificates achieved


Quick aerial view of each individual officer allows administrators to identify the accomplishments as well as the needs of a particular officer.

what we offer


Manage All Training Courses from One Screen

   • Create Top Level Training Course Titles to help categorize training events
   • Designate Course Category, Budget Category, Sponsors and Specialties
   • Reduce Training Course duplicates by searching for course titles before you create new ones


Administrators can easily review Top Level Course assignments and view the activities associated to each one.

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Course Events

Create Your Course Events and Invite Officers All from One Page

   • Create a Course Event and assign it to a Training Course
   • Assign a Location to the Course Event
   • Designate Start Date, End Date, Start Time, and End Time
   • Review Course Details, Location Details and Mandate Requirements
   • Name the Instructor and Record Certifications and Expiration Dates
   • Choose Transportation method and Mileage to the Event
   • Invite Participants to the Event

Administrators can quickly create a Course Event with detailed information and
invite individual participant all from one window!

what we offer


Let the System Work for You

   • Select the participants that you would like to invite to an event
   • Click “Invite” and all participants will automatically be sent a formatted email invitation
   • Invitations will include all details of the event including Name, Location, Times, and a link to a Map with Driving Directions
   • A Reminder Alert email will automatically be sent the day before the event   

Administrators can invite all participants to an event at one time. No need to manually create emails, or make phone calls. The system will handle the notifications for you!

what we offer


Keep Track of Expenses & Reimbursements with Ease

   • Keep track of individual Officers expenses including Training Courses Attended, Location, Start Dates, Event Expenses, and Status of Payment
   • Keep track of each Training Course expenses including: Course Name, Location, Start Date, Number of Participants, Total Expenses, Reimbursement Status, View all Details
   • Ability to export to an Excel File or PDF format

Easily keep track of Expenses and Reimbursements by individual Officer or Training Course. Know exactly what had been paid and what is outstanding!

what we offer


Keep Track of Mandates, Expenses and Schedules

   • Many reports available to keep you organized for Mandates budgets, scheduling, and Mandate requirements
   • Review overview of all Mandates required
   • See at a glance where each Officer stands accomplishing their Mandates
   • Single-line format by Officer showing Mandate Names and Date accomplished

Expense Reports: Filter your criteria by date, officer and training course
   • Select date range to narrow results if needed
   • View the results and export to XLS or PDF formats

Scheduling Reports: Select your dates, select officers and get fast results
   • Exportable file allows you to upload into your scheduling software to avoid double entry
   • File consists of officer information, training course attending, location, dates, times and much more

Mandate Reports: It’s easy to identify which officers have fulfilled the mandate requirements
   • Run report of your officer list and what mandates have been completed
   • Course attended dates will appear if course has been completed
   • Easily identify which officers are in need of Mandate requirements

what we offer

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