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Quality Assurance Reporting

Let the Results Work for You!
Now that the evaluations are complete and stored nicely within your QA Tracker, take full advantage of your data and truely analyze the results.

With real-time dashboards and reports, you can easily identify trends; positive qualities; areas for improvement; which allows you to monitor progress and provide training when needed.

Filter reports by:
  • Employee Performance
  • Evaluation Form
  • Date Range
  • Individual Questions
  • Evaluators


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QA Tracker Dashboard

QA Tracker Dashboard Puts it All in Perspective!

Administrators and Supervisors have access to the dashboard to get a visual on how the team is performing. With simple charts and graphs, it is easy to get the big picture of the data collected in the QA Tracker.

Simple dropdown options allows you to change the time frame to see data by Week, Month, Year and custom date ranges.

The dashboard will provide the following data:

  • Total number of completed evaluations
  • Number of perfect scores
  • Number of below average evaluations
  • Top performers by score
  • QA form usage
  • Performance score by month

The dashboard is a great way to provide quick answers on your team performance when requested.


General Report

The General Report allows you to select from a variety of fields to get results.

You have the ability to report on everything possible within the QA Tracker system.

  • Evaluator
  • Employee
  • Evaluation Form
  • Date Range
  • Evaluation Signatures
  • Date of Call
  • Date of Evaluation

The results can be exported in PDF or XLS formats.


Report by question

Are you interested in the answers to particular questions?

QA Tracker "Report by Question Report" allows you to select a question, select the anser and get results on the employees that match the criteria.

For example... if a question like "Verify the Address" is of utmost importance, you have the ability to select this question, and see the list of employees who received the answer of "No".

This can help you identify the employees that are not following proceedures and can take corrective action to improve their ability to follow the process.

"Every month, I check this report and can see that we are providing the right training to our telecommunicators. Without this, I would have no idea if we are performing at the level we are required."


evaluation count

Some companies/departments require a certain amount of quality assurance evaluations per employee in a particular time frame.

Frontline understands how important this is and we have the easy solution to confirm you are staying compliant with your procedures.

The Evaluation Count Report allows you to:

  • Select a date range
  • Choose employees from a list or select all
  • Select an evaluation form

The results are simple... they will provide you a list of employees and the total number of completed evaluations within that time frame. We also provide you the date of the last completed evaluation.

A great way to quickly identify the employees that are lacking in evaluations and provide a visual of how evenly you are evaluating your roster.


"We require three evaluations per month per employee. Within seconds, I can see who is compliant and identify which employees I need to evaluate to stay on course."