Simple Solution to manage your officer video evaluations by utilizing Frontline's BWC Audits software for police

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BWC Audits Features:
  • Pre-Loaded evaluation forms for BWC and MVR
  • Customizable forms allow you to create your own versions
  • Create forms using a point system if required
  • Manage roster and track evaluations to individual officers
  • Create ALERTS to notify supervisors when questions are failed
  • Calibrate your evaluators to ensure the process is fine-tuned
  • Easily provide reports to supervisors and village officials

Step 1 - Start a New BWC Audit Evaluation

Select your Officer... Select the Evaluation... Enter the CAD / Event Details... Click Create


Step 2 - Watch Video of the CAD/Event

Watch the video that matches your CAD/Event


Step 3 - Score/Answer the Questions

Score the video by answering the questions on the selected evaluation form

Step 4 - DONE... Results are Documented

You now have documentation of the evaluation to create reports, alerts, training, etc.


BWC Audits Reports

  • Dashboard to provides you all your data at a glance
  • Custom filter reports to narrow your results per officer, date, time, etc
  • Evaluation Count report to ensure your officers are receiving a certain amount of evalua-tions
  • Report by question to identify areas for improvement and training

Department Wide Analytics

Easily review your audits as a whole, or filter to groups, shifts or departments. Measure how the team is doing per category or question, giving you an overall indication of areas that may need improvement or special attention.


BWC Alerts

Create alerts that will dynamically trigger an email notification to supervisors. Select the question for the alert, the timeframe and number of infractions. If this criterium is met, the alerts will be visible in the program until it is dispositioned.

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