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Evaluate Quality Assurance

Quick, Easy and Accurate Solutions
Spend less time setting up the evaluation and more time analyzing the results.
Simply select your evaluation form, choose your employee and you are ready to go!

Once your evaluation is complete, Reporting is a breeze. All evaluation forms can be monitored by individual employees, or the entire group.


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employee dashboards

Each employee has a separate dashboard that they have access to.

These dashbosrds contain all of their completed evaluations, general contact information and an average score. Great for allowing your employees to review their past evaluations and export PDF file for their personal records.

Supervisor and Administrator roles have access to the entire employee roster and can view each employee dashboard individually.


creating an evaluation is easy!

It Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This!

  1. Select your evaluation form, employee, evaluator and enter the general specifics.
  2. Your evaluation form is ready to go. Answer the questions on the list, click complete.
  3. DONE

Once he evaluation form is completed, you have the ability to export the report to a  PDF file and email the evaluation to the employee. The complete form is also stored nicely in the employee's dashboard and available for future  reporting.


"This product allowed us to significantly enhance our QA Program while reducing the time commitment and documentation from our evaluators."


optional signature to acknowledge completed evaluation

When creating your forms, you can enable a "signature acknowledgement" feature.

This will allow you to request e-signatures on the evaluation form to confirm your employees have acknowledged the completed evaluation.

At any time, you can manage the forms and disable signatures if neeed.

Great for reviewing the evaluations with the employee, they can simple click the signature button to prove that the form was reviewed.


pdf option to print evaluation results

Printing your evaluation is simple!

Once your quality assurance evaluation has been completed, you have the ability to export to PDF and print a clean version for your records.

  • Great for employee reviews that allows you to go through question by question.
  • Ideal for FOIA requests, provide a nice and clean version of the evaluation upon request.
  • Email the PDF file and attach the audio/video of the incident for training purposes.


Click here to download a sample Completed Evaluation Form