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Manage Quality Assurance

Customize your Evaluation Forms, Categories and Questions
It is easy to create your custom evaluations to meet your requirement. Our Form Wizard allows you to create Categories, Questions and apply a Points to each question giving you the ability to “weigh” the questions by importance.

  • Manage your employee roster
  • Manage Categories, Questions and Points
  • Create Custom forms or choose from our pre-loaded form options
  • Track progress of employees


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Manage Employees and Evaluators

Easily enter the list of users/employees you want to utilize the QA Tracker. You have ability to flag certain users as "evaluators", this will allow certain employees to also have access to create quality assurance evaluations.

With three different user role options, there is an access level for all users:

Administrators have full access to QA Tracker, managing employees, creating custom forms, performing evaluations and full access to the reports and dashboards.

Supervisors have all the same access as Administrators except for the Manage Account module.

User Role are for the employees, and their access is limited to only seeing their personal dashboard. This gives them the ability to see their performace, review past evaluations and learn from their past activities.


Create custom forms

Select from the pre-loaded forms or create your own.

Create as many forms as you need, from APCO/NENA standards to internal procedures. You have the capabilities to mix and match how you see fit.

The easy to use Form Wizard allows you to create your categories and questions, and re-arrange then into a logical order.

The drag and drop technology makes it easy to create the forms in minutes.


Manage Categories and Questions

When creating custom quality assurance evaluation forms, the administrator has the ability to customize categories.

Your evaluation forms can be modified at any point with the ability to enable and disable  categories and questions.

Manage Categories:
Create Categories and determine what type of answers you will allow for this category: Yes, No, N/A, or Refused.

Manage Questions:
When creating question, you will apply "points" to each question. Manageing points will allow you to weigh each question based on importance.


pre-loaded APCO/NENA Standard forms

Plug and Play Technology
QA Tracker comes “Pre-Loaded” with the APCO/NENA standard evaluation form, including categorization, scoring and point system.

Each membership comes with the standard forms:

    • Call Taking for Police Incidents
    • Dispatching for Police Incidents
    • Call Taking for Fire Incidents
    • Dispatching for Fire Incidents
    • Call Taking for EMS Incidents
    • Dispatching for EMS Incidents