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Frontline Public Safety Solutions Assisting Police Departments in Evaluating Body Worn Camera Data

Frontline Public Safety Solutions Assisting Police Departments in Evaluating Body Worn Camera Data

BWC Audits for Body Worn Cameras Aids in Training, Improves Safety and Minimizes the Cost of Risk

Downers Grove, IL – December 2020 – In recent months, the spotlight has shone brightly on police officers, and with this scrutiny, body worn cameras have been put front and center. Frontline Public Safety Solutions has just released a new software module, BWC Audits for Body Worn Cameras, that is helping police departments make sense of all the new data being collected. The goal of BWC Audits is to afford all police departments a way to evaluate their video footage from body worn cameras and dash camera footage. The audits performed by the product enable PDs to thoroughly track and evaluate their officers for quality assurance and quality improvement purposes.

According to an October 2020 WSIL TV news report (, “The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police says only 75 of the state’s nearly 900 police departments used body cameras last year.” Flash forward one year and that figure is skyrocketing – not just in Texas but all across the nation. Take, for instance, New Jersey, where lawmakers now require all officers to wear body worn cameras. In addition, law enforcement officers in the state must keep these cameras on throughout an entire stop.

This uptick in the use of body worn cameras is designed to enhance “trust between a law enforcement agency and the community,” but there is one issue involved in this growing widespread usage. Namely, no means of tracking the body worn camera data exists unless audits are performed on a regular basis. That’s where Frontline Public Safety Solutions’ new BWC Audits steps in.

The latest product from Frontline, BWC Audits for Body Worn Cameras performs the evaluations and tracks the performance/results of the audit. How well does BWC Audits accomplish its auditing aims? Professor Eric Piza, a professor whose research focuses on body worn cameras, recently took part in a demo of the product’s software. After evaluating the data collected while performing the audit, he came to the conclusion that QA Tracker would be of great help to police departments that are struggling with how to make sense of the onslaught of body worn camera information being collected.

“While no national standard yet exists, chances are that with the rapid increase in body worn camera usage, one is on the way,” explains Frontline’s spokesperson. “At Frontline, we have the software ready and waiting to help manage and track the results. The analytics we’ve built into our product will help police departments learn from the data so they can get the intended results from their cameras and dash cams.”

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