Performance Tracker

Self Assessment


We have added Self Assessment as an on/off feature in Performance Tracker. To enable this feature, under Manage Account > My Account > Check 'Allow Self Assessment'.

After enabling it under My Account, go to Manage Evaluation Forms and enable 'Allow Self Assessment' on the forms you want this active on.  

Overall Performance Summary


In Performance Tracker, we have added an “Overall Performance Summary” that is an on/off feature per form. This is good for any department that needs to make a recommendation such as “Merit Raise”.

Identify the supervisor's that are pending signatures.


In Performance Tracker, as an evaluator when you send the completed evaluation out to supervisors, you (the evaluator) now have the ability to see which supervisor(s) the eval was sent to.

Report By Question


in Performance Tracker, we have added a “Report by Question” in the reporting section, this will allow you to choose an Evaluation Form, the category, the question within that category, and also how that question was answered.

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