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Business Keyholder Software For Police Departments

Every Police Department and Fire Department have a relationship with the businesses in their community. FRONTLINE’s “Business Keyholder” module provides a database of vital information at the touch of their fingertips. Business contact information including names, addresses, phone numbers, cell phone numbers and 2nd & 3rd contact people can be stored in case of an emergency situation. Police and Fire Departments have immediate access to this information which can change the course of action necessary. A simple search of the business name or location will allow this information to be obtained in real time.  No need to call dispatch and wait for the results. This is a great opportunity for interaction between first responders and local business owners when time is of the essence.


Business Keyholders Video Tutorial


It's Easy to Keep Current Records of your Local Businesses

Let the business owners update their own records!

A great way to keep the most current records of your local businesses... never struggle with outdated information when you need it the most.


Manage how many times you want to ask the local businesses to update their records

Simply go to your Manage Business Keyholders Module:

  • Enable the auto-sending functionality which will send an email "to the primary businesses owner" which allows him to click on a link
  • Select the frequency you wish to send the update request (Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly)
  • Simply click Save, and the process will begin.
  • The email frequency will be determined by your selection as well as the create date of the business record in the Tool-Kit


Let the Took-Kit Handle the Rest

Now that you have enabled the auto-update feature... the rest is up to the Tool-Kit

  • The primary business owner will receive an email on behalf of your police department requesting them to click on a link to review the business information
  • The business owner can review, make edits and submit the updates on their company information
  • Once the form is submitted, the department keyholder record is updated in real-time