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Overnight Parking Software for Police Departments

Most communities require permission to leave a parked vehicle on the streets overnight and most police departments do not have an efficient way to handle these requests. FRONTLINE’s Overnight Parking module is the simple solution to this problem. The Overnight Parking module is a secure online database that allows users to create entries of authorized vehicles and their locations. This information is posted immediately and can be searched from anywhere. Desk officers can take the information from incoming phone calls…enter the data into the system…determine the eligibility of the request…and post the approval all in one action. Street officers then have immediate access of approved vehicles right at their fingertips. No more calling into the department with a license plate number…waiting for someone to look up the info from a spreadsheet to determine if the vehicle is eligible to be parked on the street…and then getting back to the officer. FRONTLINE’s Overnight Parking saves a lot of time when determining if a vehicle gets ticketed or not. This gives the officer more time to patrol their area and gives the homeowner the peace of mind that their request will be acted on with care. Click Here to Download Brochure


Overnight Parking Software Video Tutorial


Overnight Parking Module Dashboard

The Overnight Parking Dashboard provides a quick overview list of all vehicles that have been approved to park in the street on any given day. The list is sorted by the start date so that an officer can review the length of stay for any given vehicle. A search bar is provided that allows users to search for specific information. For example, enter a license plate number and click “Submit”. The line item matching the plate number will be displayed and all other listings will be hidden. This allows the user to focus on the vehicle in question. For more information on this vehicle, an Overnight Parking Details page can be displayed by clicking on the icon in the “View” Column

Overnight Parking Details Tool

When you click the View More Details icon, the officer can view more information about the vehicle in question. Information such as Make, Model, Color, Address, Approved Parking Start Date and Approved Parking End Date.

Add a New Overnight Parking Entry

Adding a NEW ENTRY to the Overnight Parking list is quick and easy. Just click on “+ ADD NEW” button and you will be presented with a data entry dialog box.

Start by entering a license plate number.

The FRONTLINE system will automatically check the license plate number against our database and fetch any corresponding results. If the license plate was previously entered, fields such as Make, Model, Color and Vehicle Location will be auto-filled.

If the entry is new to the system, just add the details into the dialog box and the data will be saved for future reference.

The System will also inform you on how many Overnight Parking passes are available this month.

Manage Overnight Vehicle Parking

Each community varies in the number of days that they allow vehicles to require approved overnight parking in the street. In the “Manage Overnight Parking” section, administrators can choose the number of days from the list and click “Save Changes”. This will update the entire database and will show the number of days a vehicle has used this service.