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Vacation Watch Software For Police Departments

Every community strives to provide the best relationship between the police department and the residents and one way of communicating this is by offering FRONTLINE’s Vacation Watch module. The Vacation Watch module is a secure online database that allows users to create entries of properties that the owners have been reported to be away on vacation. When a home owner decides to go on a vacation, what will happen to their house is probably a main concern. Now there is a way to track the details of a resident’s absence and provide peace of mind that the police department is aware and are keeping an eye on things. With the Vacation Watch module, there is now a way of tracking and organizing the details of this service. Street officers can have access to a list of homes that have requested that their homes be put on a watch list for a determined period of time. Officers then have a way of posting acknowledgement of checking on the home and even have the ability to email the homeowner that “all is well” right from their squad cars. Click Here to Download Brochure


Vacation Watch Video Tutorial


Vacation Watch Dashboard

The Vacation Watch Dashboard module will show an overview list of all of the current properties that have been called in from the owners. If the date range of the entry matches the current date, it will appear on this view. When the dates have expired, the listing will automatically be removed from the list, but the data will be saved for future reference.

This screen will give the Police Chiefs and coordinators the ability to see what properties are on the current watch list and assign an officer to check out the residence.

Vacation Watch Details

If an officer wants to know more details on a property, they just click on the “View Details” icon to find out further information.

Here they will find more information about the home owner such a: Name, Phone Number and Email. The even have access to length of vacation; if the home has an alarm system; if there are pets on the premises; is there a house sitter; and emergency contact information.

From this page, the officer also has the ability to click a button which will send a pre-written email to the home owner stating that all is clear. (This will give the home owner some peace of mind while they are away, not to mention that the police department will receive kudos on the communication between the police and community.)

Add a New Vacation Watch Entry

When a property owner calls in to say they are going out of town, it is simple to add this entry into the Tool Kit. Simply click the “Add New” button and a pop up dialog box will prompt you to answer the necessary questions needed to create the entry. Once the entry is submitted, the data is stored permanently. Users can reference the information at any time if needed.

Once the information is in the system, additional vacation watch requests are simple to add. Start out by entering their email ID. If it exists in the database, the system will auto-populate the rest of the information, you will only have to apply the new date ranges and the job is done.

Manage Vacation Watch

As an Administrator, the Vacation Watch module allows you to make a few modifications.

You can determine if sending an email to the home owner is appropriate for your community or not. There is a simple “Yes/No” toggle that allows you to turn on and off the email capability. You can also manage the specific sender or “who” the email comes from. This may come from the Police Chief, Deputy or a Community Information Officer (CIO) that you select to represent the department in the email.

(We highly recommend that you choose to send emails to the home owners. They will appreciate the contact and the confirmation that everything seems good at the residence.)

Let the residents Enter their own requests

See how the Public Portal works with the Vacation Watch Module!