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Tow Manager Software for Police Departments

By request of our current member police departments. We have created a module to track abandoned autos in your town. Managing and organizing these vehicles was not an easy task until now!

Not only was the paperwork difficult to manage, but when the vehicle was eligible for towing was next to impossible. With the Tow Manager module, the officers can record the details from the street, add the sticker/warning to the vehicle, start the count down clock for towing and track these vehicles in a simple gridview.

Color codes to show when an auto is eligible for towing, and a disposition screen to complete the task when the auto is removed from its location.


Tow Manager Video Tutorial


Manage the locations of abandoned vehicles

With the Frontline Tow Manager module, you will have the ability to create entries to record the abandoned vehicles in your town. By identifying the autos, you can now enter the vehicle information, take a photo and start the clock in order to allow the proper time before towing.

You can manage the reasons for flagging these vehicles, as well as managing the time your town allows the vehicle to be moved before it gets towed.

The officers on the street can quickly view the vehicle in a popup window to confirm that it is the same vehicle that was recorded. This also eliminates the possibility that the wrong vehicles will be towed.


View vehicle details with one click

The offiers on the street will have access to all vehicles on the Tow Manager list. the color coded gridview will alert them if and when the vehicle is eligible for towing.

You will be able to start the "count down" clock from entry date, which will give the owner the allotted time to move their vehicle.

The view details screen will provide the offier any information needed to make that judgement and order a tow.


Tow Manager Disposition Function

When the vehicle is towed from its location. The officer can click the "Disposition" button. This will clear the record form the gridview screen and be saved in archives and available for reporting.

The Disposition pop-up will allow the officer to add a date, time, and narrative of the details of the tow.

The goal of the Tow Manager is to clear off the vehicles from the list and only show the current list of vehicles that have not reached the maximum days allowed before the tow is ordered.